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A lot has been going on at Ulmon headquarters. Since our last big shout in December we have been working hard to make CityMaps2Go even better. Just in time for the summer holidays we proudly present the results: Lists to organize trips even easier, more inspirational background stories and a brand new, easy to use design.

There’s nothing like the feeling when you arrive in an exciting city for the first time. Now that feeling got even better by having all the information you need available at right at your fingertips. Information like: “What was that great restaurant I read about called? Or that beautiful spot I wanted to visit? And where are they again?” All that and more is now compiled in one easy to use and completely free app. CityMaps2Go has been around for a while, but they just released a new version containing more travel related information to plan and organize trips and of course their practical detailed offline maps.

Multifunctional lists

Planning trips and remembering the POIs you wanted to visit is even more easy now. CityMaps2Go now features customized, multifunctional lists. Creating your own collection of places? Easy. Organizing and saving them just the way you like it? Sure. Adding notes and finding everything on your offline map? You got it! With this handy feature you’ll never again miss a spot you wanted to visit.

Inspirational stories

Travel blogs, online guides, wikis, … to get in the mood for your summer holidays or discovering interesting places you can do hours and hours of reading. Or you simply let CityMaps2Go do the inspiring for you as more in depth travel content has been added to the app. Some from trusted partner websites, some curated by CityMaps2Go themselves. You will receive stories about places you like and can instantly save and find them on your maps and in your lists.

Brand new design

We all want things to look good – and CityMaps2Go 8.0 does even more so now. Not only is the new design pretty nifty it also makes browsing through the content easier and more fun. More and bigger pictures, a customizable color system and intuitive, organic menu navigation will help you to find your way and discover new places.

Of course some things haven’t changed in CityMaps2Go – and that’s a good thing. It still offers brilliant offline maps for over 7.000 destinations worldwide – completely free. And with over 19 million downloads it still is the most successful travel app in the world. Still the Viennese travel enthusiasts at Ulmon keep improving their apps to fulfill the needs and wishes of all travelers even more.

"Our users have always been the center of our attention. So we knew what to do when last year’s survey showed that personalized travel inspirations were on the top of their wish list. We worked hard and made some major changes to implement these features as an integral component of CityMaps2Go. Personally, I think our team did an incredible job and can’t wait to hear what our users have to say." Tymon Wiedemair, co-founder and CEO of Ulmon
About Ulmon

Proudly founded and headquartered in Vienna, Austria, in 2010, Ulmon GmbH is the company behind travel inspiration and planning app CityMaps2Go.

The team is composed of travel enthusiasts and highly skilled tech experts working hard to help travellers worldwide easily plan their upcoming trips and find inspiration for their next travel ideas.

With over 15 million downloads on iOS and Android devices, CityMaps2Go is the most successful travel app startup on the market.

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